Venting on agressive drivers

We have some very selfish and inconsiderate twits on our roads, simply put.

Riding this morning and from maybe two lengths back this car pulls to overtake a bunch of us. Recognising finally that another car was coming, he darts into the middle of the line, forcing me to slow down. If I had a car I don't think I would have done so, but I'm on the losing end of any collision with a car, obviously enough.

So as I express my frustration with having my life threatened, this cunt flips me off! Wished I had a rock to hurl at his head, to be honest. But it's twits like the driver of the white Hyundai 40014 that cause much of these 'accidents' with their thoughtless driving habits. These guys ae probably harder to take off the road than most, unfortunately - a police officer would have to be in the line of traffic and actually give a crap, unless an 'accident' actually occurred.



Cops are never around when you need 'em. Boy you must be really pissed...to use the C word in cyber print.

Tryangle said...

I'll have to remind myself to edit that post, I don't like cursing online. But I pretty much blogged right after that experience and I suppose it's evidence of how road rage easily spreads.