Road Safety Council's fearlessness

So after all the promise of useful action, they've stuck to the curfew for teenagers suggestion, in the end. Because a 17-year old riding at 10:30pm is that much less of a safety risk than one at 11:15pm. Of course, I had thought the Road Safety Council was going to address the current situation on the roads, but it looks like instead we'll just write off this generation of motorists and cross our fingers that our youth will learn from the curfew and not what their older siblings or friends do instead. Yeah, right.

Project Ride may be expanded, but nothing was said about making it compulsory.

A bit of talk on wanting bars and restaurants to take responsibility for customers drinking too much, and rental cycle operators to standardise testing. Nothing approaching a concrete policy, mind you.

The chairperson said in her speech:
"This may be unpopular but we are not fearful of making it difficult decisions." (sic)
It's of course, past time to make the unpopular decisions. However the RSC hasn't made enough of them and Government hasn't acted on any of them. I'm quite disappointed, overall.

However I'm not disappointed at the awareness campaign launched today on the roads. I think it will send a message to at least some of the folks out there. It, however, needs to remain a fresh concept. Switch locations, signs, bring large wrecked cars out too, mix it up. And move the sign that says "I didn't use my car seat" from next to one of the bike wrecks. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

I think the only thing that will save Bermudians from killing themselves on our roads is stiffer punishment for serious speeding offences and/or dangerous/drink driving charges. The visual displays of accidents will only stay fresh in our mind for a short time and will not act as a deterrent in the near future.

I think mandatory time off the road when caught for speeding over 65k is a must, first offence or not. Why give people a second chance when they cannot follow the rules the first time? Along with harsher punishment, fines well in excess of the $500 or so they are dishing out now are needed. Fine somebody $3,000 for speeding and they will soon realize it doesn't pay to speed. Get caught driving when intoxicated? 5 years off the road. Get caught driving when you are off the road? Lock them up! Harsh, yes...but it is what is needed. Bermudians have shown they cannot abide by the simple rules in place now and in doing so they not only put themselves at risk but innocent bystanders as well.

Driving is not a right, it is a privilege!

Unknown said...

...agree totally.....the 'powers that be' have their heads in the sand.......Big fines, Suspensions, and IMPOUNDING vehicles would solve this problem in a nano-second......it's not rocket science, folks......

Tryangle said...

The Road Safety Council is an advisory board, they make recommendations and suggestions. They can't enforce any legislation or the like, but they surely can propose it. But they haven't done much of the latter at all. Just the curfew. The 'pick a scapegoat, that'll solve all our problems' non-solution.

They seem to want to encourage people to not use their cellphone (including SMS messaging), but they're not suggesting legislation to make it a fineable offense.

As far as our MPs are concerned, they're seemingly uncommitted to the issue. Granted, there are a lot of issues that need attention on the island, but you'd just like to see one MP or Senator step forward and say that they will push for something tangible in terms of legislation and enforcement. Like sweetnam said, it's not rocket science.