The Uterus Excuse

I am reading the Opinion column in the Gazette today and see this interesting letter supporting the Regiment conscription policy.

It's full of feel-good terms like duty and pride, the kind of thing that could inspire people to join an organisation devoted to serving Bermuda. Whether doing the parade march qualifies as such, I don't know.

But later, and admittedly she says it's humour-based, she counters the belief that the draft policy is gender-biased by saying that until men have babies, why should women have to serve?

It's irksome.

As an analogy, would you therefore support a business that pays women less money than men because they're likely to have babies, go on leave and therefore impact the company's bottom line? You can't have it both ways. Either men and women should be treated as equals or we should revert to the 1940s or so.

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