No surprise in conscription fight

The Regiment policy of conscription was declared to be legal, surprising nobody. It seems as though the ruling will be appealed, but I think that with the general public tending to support the current method of populating the Regiment, the whole thing is doomed to failure.

What's funny is that although the Chief Justice ruled that in his view, reasonable efforts have been made to recruit volunteers, I still haven't seen a single newspaper ad, TV commercial, or distributed flyer aimed at recruiting volunteers to the Regiment. Maybe he's seen something that I haven't.


Anonymous said...

You must have missed the one where they advertised for women.

Tryangle said...

True - I disregarded the one aimed at women, but that doesn't change the fact that we've seen nothing aimed at potential male volunteers. Nonetheless a good point you raised.

Anonymous said...

When I was serving I remember seeing them designing several adverts, and I did see some of them in the RG, as well as the Sun and as individual posters at various places. So they have advertised. Also, they deliberately do press releases highlighting the positive aspects of the Regiment which they see as a form of advertising. I do think they could do alot more though, and they are a bit complacent on this aspect. I would assume that if B.A.D keeps up the pressure you'll see an increase in such advertising, and an improvement to boot.

Tryangle said...

Thanks for posting. I'll have to do some research to see where they exist.

Press releases on events and accomplishments are a good thing as you mentioned, and I've seen at least one of those in recent years.