Can I install a water gun to my bike?

This ticked me off the other day. Riding along Somerset Road the other day and I'm behind a woman driving a red car. She is annoying me with her waving her lit cigarette out the window while she's driving. Little red sparks flew up toward me and I'm glad I had my visor down, really. Of course this was followed by the standard toss the finished butt into the road where it bounced near my bike.

Stupid numb-brain bitch.

If I had the technical know-how I'd try to rig up a small water gun to my bike and soak the ciggy once it was outside the window. Polluting litterbug.

Heck, it would also serve as double when drivers fire their windshield wiper fluid all up and over the hood and into my face anyway. I wonder if I can enlist Wookie and others to get some tips...

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Anonymous said...

It's been done. Back in my high school days a classmate put a water gun in his V-50. He ran his bike on mix gas, used the oil well for water, put an extra 'horn button' on the handlebars and had a pretty heavy duty battery installed to power the motor that shot water out of the grill under his headlight. Quite ingenious I thought.

One very important caveat though: you need to be at a standstill or moving slowly, otherwise the stream of water blows back at you. Hence, no-one dared be in front of him at a red light.