Where's the gear?

This story about horses running and causing a lot of injuries at the first Harbour Nights of the season is some serious stuff. I hope the people injured get well quickly and steps taken to ensure this doesn't happen again.

In my CWC travels and the fact that there's only one more match to go, I've been looking for specific CWC gear. However it's amazing that neither of the official retailers in Barbados, Abed's nor Cave Shephard, have much available to choose from, unles you want India, England , Oz or South Africa gear. Maybe after the tournament's over people can get West Indies gear, but otherwise you're out of luck.

And if you want something cute for an infant to wear, you won't find it here. So, it will be online retailers(?) getting my dollars instead of the local market. Oh well. At least Bermuda's not alone when it comes to this miserable issue.

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