Is bingo legal and poker not?

I was reading the BermudaSucks message board and found this recent article.

It mentions how the local poker tour is under fire and has now suspended operations.

One of the questions that I have had for a long time is why are all games of chance illegal in the eyes of the law yet bingo events are not?

Consider that both the poker tour and bingo events require entry fees of a sort, are games of chance (skill is involved at an experienced level), and offer prizes to certan 'victorious' competitors.

Not long ago, there was actually TV bingo, run by a sports club. There was no legal action taken then, to my knowledge.

As far as games of chance are concerned, I've been of the opinion that the government could implement an island lottery (heck, make it bingo-style if you prefer) with funds going to support athletes and young musicians, similar to what happens in Barbados.

Aside from that, I'd like to know from anybody if there is a difference between these two games of chance that merits banning of one and tolerance of the other. Consider also that betting on international football and horse racing has been going on for decades.

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