Visit to Barbados

It's overdue and I don't think I'll be lucky to find tickets to next year's World Cup, but I'm heading to Barbados for a couple weeks. I don't know if I'm ready for the heat, heh. But it is good that I'll be able to ctach up with old friends and family in the place that I'm more likely to end up moving to considering the extravagant cost of living in Bermuda.

Hopefully I'll be able to weigh things up in depth - there are so many similarities between the two places and numerous parallels worth exploring.

I was reading this post on IMHO which dealt with the harsh realities of not only shopping but giving things away. Bermudians do indeed like to throw away things and get the newest, latest and greatest. It's kind of silly but it's the prevailing mindset which I'm surely not going to overcome.

In what is not exactly an ironic moment, I'll be travelling down there at the same time as the Digicel (no I'm not linking to them) Cup football tournament which features Bermuda and Barbados who both have hopes of making the final round of the competition. Personally I think both squads tend to underperform in regular competition but heck. I'll predict the Bajans, 2-0.

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