Evacuate Cedarbridge!

Our mega-school, Cedarbridge Academy, has had to close down temporarily due to discovery of aspergillus mold, which apparently is a pretty dangerous fungus.

It was strange, though, to watch the report on the ZBM news. The news anchor said the website to learn more would be displayed on the bottom of the screen. Great, except for the fact that the world's worst watermark logo obscured the latter portions of the web address. Way to go, Bermuda Broadcasting. Next thing you know they will stop putting these stories on their website... wait a second...

Police blitz! Police blitz! Dozens of officers gathered outside the Aquarium this morning (which must be a welcome sight for visitors), all to pull in vehicles for whatever reason they like, hoping to catch someone without a license or something, I presume, as well as the famous radar gunners relaying messages ahead by walkie talkie or whatever high-tech gizmos they use these days, heh. Fortunately I suppose, I got waved through, even though my own bike didn't have its updated licence sticker on it. Good job, police.

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