Two weeks, lots to write

Let's see. Think I'm starting to gain back some weight. Losing money faster than I can earn it. Not good.

Steve Irwin, aka the Crocodile Hunter, died. Government decided to raze our Botanical Gardens in order to build the new hospital. The NFL season has started, yay!

I will admit it, I actually watched "The View" when it debuted, back in '96. I think it was during one of my summer vacation/no job periods and I recall the buzz. And by coincedence I was off Tuesday and saw the 10th season premiere. Rosie's there. Whoo-hoo. No talk about Star Jones though. Bummer.

We got us a storm coming after us. Tropical Storm Florence (soon to be a hurricane, it seems) could cause us a bit of worry Sunday night. So we'll be battening down the hatches soon.

Before the storm, some fun on the beach as the FIVB Under-19 Beach World Championships came to Bermuda for the first time. I was present as a volunteer today during the semis and finals. I have to say that these young guys they brought in, they're immensely talented and ought to have good futures if they go pro. I'm a teeny bit disappointed that representation came only from Europe, North America and Oceania, but that's where the power base of the sport tends to be anyway. Fun tourney though, and only slightly dampened by Florence. Kudos to the BVA and the Ministry of Tourism for pulling it off, unfortunately we'll have no idea if this event did well for Bermuda due to the storm warnings.

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