Florence gone

Everybody's okay. Florence skirted past us, causing nowhere near the damage that was feared earlier. Only the Monday was lost for businesses. Electricity was down for periods of the day, but I wasn't too happy to realize that my area was last on the list of areas to be restored power, over a day later than many other areas. But what can ya do. Sucks that the company has a monopoly and has no intention to move power lines underground anytime soon to help their customers' convenience.

Since the power went out I haven't bothered to shave. So now I have a fair bit of stubble (it's actually more than Don Johnson used to sport) and am thinking of doing the beard thing again. It's interesting how some women think it would be good on me while others aren't fond of them. Me, I've had the goatee thing for many years now - not sure yet what I want to do with my facial hair. Besides, if I was going to decide on shaving or not shaving to impress a woman, I'd save a lot of hassle and just decide to carry a money clip fat with crisp $100.00 bills, right?

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