Our traffic laws are so, so weak

It was bad enough when I was chatting with a woman who said that she doubleparks all the time, and that even if she got ticketed for it, it wouldn't dissuade her from doing it again. I knew that something was amiss and that people are totally disrespectful of the road laws.

Then this scenario, in which a guy sped, ran lights, caused other motorists alarm, and created vehicular damage to another vehicle, garnered the guilty party a measly $500 fine and a one year ban from driving.

Firstly, I guarantee you within the next week or two he'll be driving something, somewhere. The police aren't likely to keep track of him. Secondly, the ban is for too short a period even if the person had every intent of following the court order. Thirdly, a $500 fine is weak. Weak, weak, weak. Hell, jailtime should have been strongly considered.

But, the talk will continue. Talk, talk, talk and nothing will change. And a week or two from now, somebody else will suffer from another bad road traffic collision.

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