Good for Oprah

I butted upon this article from the Detroit Free Press today - it regards certain male hip-hop stars whining that Oprah hasn't given much attention to rap and hip-hop. The author quickly rebuked them on the grounds that a lot of the stuff that they sing and dance about involves the degradation of women, particularly (and I swear I'm not stealing this phrase from Renee Webb), people who look like her.

Good on him for putting those jokers in their place. And good on Oprah for not paying attention to the whiners (who are just looking for the publicity anyway). Bet they're going to accuse her of not being black next.

World Cup news. Spain flops again. Glad I didn't put any money on them (I had them making semis, but from a different bracket - hint, Ukraine may turn out to be that team). Brazil beat Ghana, so once again the final eight contains no teams outside of Europe and South America. Dang. People have talked about a power shift outside of those two confederations since 1990, but as of now the best we got was Korea dubiously making the semis in '02 when they hosted.

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