We have a littering law after all

Like traffic laws, I didn't think that the littering law was being enforced in Bermuda, but lo! and behold, they actually booked someone as mentioned in this Gazette article. Of course it would be at one of the few times we see Police patrolling around town, because every weekend night there's some disturbance going on at the Ozone nightclub. Now if they'd only fine people who dump their trash all over the roads and bushes during daylight hours...

April is here, thank goodness, and spring appears to have arrived in full. We're coming up to the best time of year in Bermuda, where it's warmer, but not at that unbearably-hot level that we reach in late July and August. Daylight Savings Time, also a welcome sight to behold. It's just so much better for the sunset to be closer to 8pm, as there's a greater chance of us late-workers being out to see it.

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