In 2006 I would like...

Sigh. Another year, another "not much positive to report".

On the business end things look promising; I'm in a new position in a new team with my employer and got my first ever overseas training recently. It promises to be action-packed. I'm scared stiff of the challenges that come but I need to take them on full-out. I promise to realy plug away here. Although I expect it will damage my sanity even further, heh.

Now the personal side. I've gained at least 20 pounds over the last six months. I'm well over 200 pounds now. It's disgusting. I chalk it up to remaining in the office job, eating not particularly healthy (I have reduced the KFC/Ice Queen runs but still), and not taking on any physical activity whatsoever. Which is unacceptable. I hope to at least do some walking early on in the new year, graduate to jogging or skipping, and try to do some stretches or crunches or dumbbell raises.

I still don't have the means to afford a place of my own, although I have looked at at least buying property in Barbados. I want to step up that search and need to contact some of my buddies as well as browse online for options.

There are personal issues on the family front that have bothered me greatly but I will not discuss them here, just consider it another key issue that has been on my mind.

And of course, relationship issues. This has been a year where potential options have arisen. Really. Yeah, I know. Honestly. Anyway, I'm in a situation where I cannot commit in a given direction because of some factor or another, or something bothers me about how the person behaves or reacts to things or something. I don't believe in the "One", and I think that I can deal with conflicts most times, but I don't want to settle. I really want to find someone good for me, and who I can be good for. I will be THIRTY next year. And I want to be able to chase after any children that I may eventually have.

Come on, 2006. Bring peace and happiness to us all.

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