The Annual Birthday Speech

Twenty-nine today. Wow. No wife, no house, still plugging away. Biological clock ticking. It's hard to stay positive sometimes, especially on days like these.

The good news: I have been able to restore the DAG Theory and Poetry Corner stuff on the website.

The bad news: I tried to Christmas-ize the site a bit and now it just looks wonky. I don't feel like doing much to fix it so it may stay like this for a short while. Apologies in advance, heh.

Been up to a lot since the last post. Travelled to Vancouver for training. Yes, I wish they could have sent us to Rio or Hawaii or the like, but I'll take what I can get while the getting's (relatively) good.

My bike has died. One day it just started failing when going up hills, the next it couldn't even start period. Will need to have someone look at it. In the meantime, welcome back, Pink & Blue.

I'll go into more detail later, I think, but heck it is my birthday. I'd rather not spend the whole day blogging, which is kind of a shame because I want to go into depth on what the hell has happened to Star Jones. Because, it looks like she took off way too much weight and her head looks like it belongs on someone else's body.

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