I'm Avoiding Politics

An old friend suggested that if I wanted to draw in more traffic to this website, I could consider adding a political aspect. Something where I'd invite people to comment on the issues facing the island.

Limey does a great job on his own and there are sites such as Christian Dunleavy's out there for viewing as well. So it's not like I'd be a pioneer for discussing local politics.

While I do fall under the seemingly large quantity of people who are dissatisfied by the system and dissatisfied with all political parties and their tactics of blame-game, etc., I'm also dissuaded from venturing into that arena. For one, it's a subject that gets heated all too quickly and falls apart into unwinnable 'debates' between inflexible minds. I don't have the strength of will to moderate such a forum. If someone were to raise such a topic on the Beachlime Forums, I wouldn't hesitate to acknowledge and discuss freely but as part of the general web experience here? Ah, no.

I attended the wedding of a close buddy yesterday. Actually, I got put on music duty so didn't catch the ceremony itself except what I overheard or peeked in to see. And it sucked when I discovered that the player did not like the CDs provided and we wound up with no music anyway, but I digress. I like weddings, especially the type that we had yesterday. Nothing flamboyant or gaudy, but classy and dignified. The reception afterwards was a nice affair, and the couple clearly were tremendously into each other. It was touching. And no, I didn't catch the garter. Actually I don't know what happened to it. I think the groom kept it to himself for later in the night, heh.

I'd like to think that I'd be in that situation one of these days.

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