All's well for now

Hurricane Nate passed to oue south-east sometime Thursday morning, bringing wind and rain but nothing severe. There's Tropical Storm Ophelia hovering off the coast of Florida and right now nobody's certain what it'll do over the next few days. Two years ago at this time, we were at the "F" name level fot storms, now we're already at letter "O". At this rate we may go right through the whole alphabet of names!

The Department of Statistics produced a survey dealing with incomes that I think is quite misleading. For one, they surely never interviewed me because the weekly income numbers that they're quoting are way above what I'm making so I'm already bitter before everything else. Anyway, they've split the results by race. It would have been far more useful to split the results by nationality. Compare numbers for expats and locals and if need be, further split it by race. There are several black expats and several white locals on the island. The only thing I realized from this: I need a raise. Or another job. Oh, and also that if I lived on my own, I would be well behind the median line! Crap.

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