Approaching the Big Three-oh

Side-note: Boy, it is so frustrating to write a post in the Blogger window, try to select the text to copy it somewhere in case it gets lost, then the text vanishes and it's lost already before you can get your click-copy performed. Grrrrr! I'll try to reproduce my previous thoughts below anyway. I'm using Notepad first because I don't trust the IE/Blogger combo-whatzit anymore. Note to self: Never use the shift-left click function with this.

One of my good buddies is now a new father. Congratulations to the SMD.

A work colleague (and now also a teammate in the Flag Football League) is turning 30 this weekend. He and his wife have been married for a couple of years now I think, and have a baby boy (was born on my birthday, and how cool is that). They're a great couple and I admire them.

All of this has gotten me thinking again (I know, yet again) on my own aspirations. I'll hit that 'landmark' age in about a year and a half. I would like to start a family. And while I know that there may be a couple of avenues that I can take in pursuing this idea, it's primarily scary because it's an unknown frontier with no guarantees, it won't be inexpensive and difficult decisions would need to be made.

While I've been trying to plan for the future by saving as much as I can and hoping to invest in property, I should plan for the present as well, I think.

Check in with me a month from now, and I may not be as passionate on this as I am now. It varies from week to week. I do need to find some time where I can think solely about this, and perhaps plan for both the future
and the now accordingly. I'm not getting any younger.

In other news: summer is here. Getting quite warm, although not yet at the levels of Barbados in heat or humidity. I signed on with a team in the Flag Football league, which is good news. I play the CB/LB position which I'm best suited for I think. May see a couple of snaps on offense but I know for a fact I don't have the conditioning at this time to double-up anyway. Heh.

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