Learning from Barbados

It's been an uneventful past week here. I've since returned to Bermuda and work (blech) but am grateful that the temperatures are still cooler than that of Barbados (scorching) and Miami (where I spent four hours wandering around at a mall while in transit).

Stace, I apologize again. I'm going to owe this woman big-time. Only got to see her and her new addition Antonio once on the trip. Meanwhile, due to bad timing, Dr. Donna was on holiday during my vacation so I missed a chance to see Arianna. Meanwhile today I got to see my friend Gills and her newest one, Sarah. Ah boy, me and babies... but that's a whole other chapter of DAG Theory.

What I've been able to take back to Bermuda is that traffic really is bad in Barbados, Bermuda still has ways to catch up, although the problem with Bermuda is that unlike Barbados, there are no real open areas where traffic actually is mild for a stretch. Plus, Hamilton is slightly better-equipped for vehicular traffic than Bridgetown, which really is a pain to get through. They may need to consider moving the capital to another area (or at least, half the businesses).

I was a live spectator at the craziest end to a One-Day International ever. South Africa won the game by one run after the Windies batsmen decicded to swing for the fences, instead of pushing for the single to tie and then let the established batsman try for the winning single. It's a bad epidemic that seems prevalent not only in the Windies but in Bermuda cricket as well. It's a thinking man's game and in this age, you can't get by on raw power alone, you have to be a chess-player. As I write this, the Windies have completed a good Test win over Pakistan so maybe things are turning for the better.

Oh, and yep I hope they plan the new Kensington Oval properly, because traffic to that will again be bedlam.

It was good to visit Barbados, if only because I got to dust off my cards for some lively games of Hearts. Some day I will have to put up again the old Big A* Hearts chronology on the website. Ah, the classics. Oh, and I claimed like 6 hogs during the trip. Another successful stint. Yay.

And as for Booking people, I think that the population is finally seeing the light as seen in a few letters (and Limey's column) to the Royal Gazette.

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