Bajan Bits: Movies

One of the things I like most about Barbadiana is the under-appreciated "double feature". That's right. Pretty simple, but it's so cool that I can spend the equivalent of six American dollars and get to watch two new movies instead of one.

I'll get to the main feature in a bit, but the first movie was "" and although Tommy Lee Jones is now a cariacature of himself, he pulls it well enough and there's good enough eye candy (led by the increasingly more gorgeous Christina Millian) to make this comedy worthy. And no, I'm not a critic so don't bother to argue with me :-)

The main event of course was Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith. I won't comment on the increasing and more annoying trend to name TV shows and movies with preposterously long titles that are practically sentences (whoops, I just did, heh). I don't think this movie will surprass Titanic for earnings dollars, but definitely has a good leg up for artistic effects, fight choreography and digital animations. With a moon stage with enough lava to make Mordor seem like a picnicky place, it's brilliant. The story has enough predictability, and enough violence to challenge even its PG-13 rating. Fun flick. No spoilers, but R2-D2 is the bad-ass here :-)

Of course, the bad thing about movie-going in Barbados is that the patrons are way too loud for my liking. It's like etiquette goes out of the window here. Nowhere else I've been that's had this. A bit of a black eye I think.

That's my half-way update after my vacation in Barbados. It's just nice to be away from the workplace for a bit. Everybody should try it. Anyway. More later.

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