Road Rants & Other Issues

Again, people in Bermuda generally don't know how to use the indicator signals on their vehicles. In addition to those who indicate a left turn without turning left (the indicator is apparently to show that they're in the left lane when they're already IN the left lane) at a roundabout, there are those who choose to show their indicator signal while they're already making the turn instead of before making the turn. It's atrocious.

The Royal Gazette Letters to the Editor section was interesting today. The first letter concerns the housing situation in Bermuda. This writer wonders if a better plan was affordable rentals as opposed to ownership, which makes sense considering that the land supply is finite. Second and third letters concern Independence, the big buzz word around here lately, well at least as far as the government is concerned. The second one was written by a former classmate of mine. It's good to hear my peers speak out in the media about issues.

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