Of bulk shopping in Bermuda

Recently another warehouse-style shopping facility opened in Bermuda, and people flocked by the hundreds to scope out the goods for sale. Even though there was currently another facility within a mile, there seemed to be a market for another similar shopping experience.

How long will it last, who knows.

It's a bit interesting in this day and age, and the way the local economy has gone, that people are still content with the limited shopping paradigms here. You have your regular grocery stores and 'super' markets, and bulk shopping for when you want barrels of mayo or kool aid mix (and of course, more practical products like paper towels or diapers).

However I'm a bit surprised that nobody's yet floated the idea of a membership shopping place. Similar to your Costco, or Sam's Club, that particular business model seems like more of a sure thing than yet another bulk shopping facility.

Purely spitballing, of course.

It could very well be that our limited population and potential reluctance to trying new things out could already be a huge red flag to any potential investors, and current store owners may be content to stick with the status quo if they're earning tidy profits.

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