Football (soccer) fan betrayals

I'm regrettably a supporter of Aston Villa, which used to be a proper English footy club back in the day and is now in the heights of mediocrity; too horrible to be a contender, not horrible enough to get relegated so they can rebuild.

Team captain Fabian Delph was one of the few bright spots last season, and going into the offseason, it looked good he'd stay with the club. Even after powerhouse team Manchester City made a bid, Delph showed signs of loyalty, endearing him to the club fanbase:

Great. What a declaration. He was going to spend the next couple of years working for the team. Loyalty to a 'T'.

Then along comes Friday, not even a week since the original statement. Just like that, he's bolted.

Forget that he's going to see less playing time in a crowded Man City midfield. He'll get exposure to Europe football, and that's fine. His prospects for England may become iffy, though, with the reduced opportunity to perform on the pitch. And of course his wages should get a nice bump.

It's not about any of that. He basically got the hopes up of every single Villa supporter, made them feel really good about themselves and their club, then stabbed them right in the gut. Why put them through the ringer like that?

I trust the faithful footy supporters (not just Villa, but possibly also those who see Man City as a good team to slag for various reasons) will have no shortage of good songs to come up with during Delph's matches next season, especially when he returns to Villa Park.

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