It takes another road fatality to wake up the Transport Minister and TPTB

Surprising absolutely nobody who's been following the lackadaisical attitude of the powers that be when it comes to road safety, it took another death on Bermuda's roads to remind the Transport Minister and his 'key stakeholders' that they were supposed to tackle the issues that plague our roads.

Pathetic, on all sides.

What did they expect, after their much-ballyhooed "Summit" 6 weeks ago? That there would be a sharp decline in collisions and serious injuries on the roads? From a round table of suits airing the all-too-obvious?


We still lack that Road Rules Champion, there's nobody in a position to influence and effect change, willing to demand and push for change in how we address things. It's just more of the same from the politicians, the police, and the media outlets.

Two days of spouting buzz words like "education", "change" and of course "coalition", will likely be followed by a whole lot of inertia until another serious incident happens.

More families getting the dreaded phone call.

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