Once again, the less well off have to make up the slack

So once again, government is hiking the prices of a commodity or service to make inroads into the national debt. Okay.

Today's announcement to confirm the increase in bus/ferry fares has the undesired effect of targeting the people least able to handle further dents to their savings or earnings.

Yes, on the surface it's probably not a substantial cut; a 5 dollar increase in a book of 15 tickets isn't a killer move, but when it comes to who gets to pay more, think about it. Who catches buses on a regular basis in Bermuda?

  • Students, who remain a 'protected class' because no political party wants to be seen as the ones who make children (their parents) pay
  • Seniors, who deservedly should retain their current status as being allowed to travel free on public transportation
  • Unemployed or low-income persons unable to afford private transportation
  • Temporarily disabled persons unable to utilize private transportation

The people who are more likely to be able to afford a small dent in their earnings are the ones less likely to use that service!

Sad situation all around. Meanwhile the politicians continue to find ways to inconvenience Bermudians just a little bit more, every time.

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