Dr. Brown front and centre, again?

It's probably just me, but I found it a bit unusual that the former Premier took the time at a Labour Day function to go into detail to his own personal/past endeavours while he was Premier of the country.

The tone of the speech did more to fuel the rumours that:

  • the former Premier is preparing to mobilise to re-enter Bermuda politics in some shape or form
  • the PLP and by association the BIU, could be planning to destabilise the ruling party led government by any means necessary.
Again, we still have a high number of Bermudians who feel frustrated and or left out of the possibility for success in this island, and need something to get behind or hope for. And there are no shortage of political movements out there willing to reel them on board.

Next year? Things are going to get heated in September and onwards, without a doubt.

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