Tales of disgusting people

I'm mildly astonished by the fact that there are people among us who feel no way about littering or other disgusting activities.

Case in point, the other day I was in a fast food restaurant, this couple were sitting at an adjacent table. The man was packing away his trash and he knocked over an empty container which rolled underneath my table. Curious to see how this would develop, I showed no sign of noticing the event. The man took a look at where the box landed, then turned away and resumed packing up.

It was easier for that person to ignore the situation than to say 'excuse me' and collect his dropped item.

Case #2, airport lavatory. I already know that people are disgusting as heck with regard to hygiene and consideration of others, but I laughed at seeing the sign advising "Employees Must Wash Hands". Because, it's not a natural impulse to clean your hands after using a public restroom. Never mind the fact that we hear about new diseases passing around every week (not to mention common cold, or even the fact that people are in close proximity to urine and feces, period).

Both these situations happened in New York City over the past weekend, however this happens in Bermuda too, and certainly in other places across the globe (and notably, the so-called "developed world").

How can humans be so 'intelligent' yet so thoughtless, careless and disgusting?

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