The BIU vs the OBA, part 3 (4? 5? no idea)

Nobody should be surprised that the BIU remain at loggerheads with Government. Now, after the OBA finally listened to the public's outcry over consistent public transportation disruptions caused by work stoppages (sometimes, totally unrelated to public transport itself), they've decided to push forward some amendments in the law to protect the public's interest.

Naturally, the BIU is objecting. And surprising nobody at all, they're calling a meeting for all membership during the middle of the day to discuss the ramifications to them.

The BIU head, showing a lack of genuine empathy for the public, referred to disrupted public transportation as a 'bit of an inconvenience', before pointing to a 1970s report to back up his belief that downing tools without notice is a fundamental right and without it, completely hinders workers' rights.

Hogwash, as they say.

What is so poisonous or abhorrent to the BIU about giving freaking (and legal) proper strike notice? Can anybody answer this?

On top of that, he's gone on to say that he's no longer interested in meeting with the government Minister of Home Affairs monthly, because he feels the Minister's pushing through legislation without previous consultation. Peachy. Just when the country needs more dialogue between decision-making bodies, we're getting a public spat (one-sided at the moment, mind you) instead.

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