A naive OBA?

I wonder if the ruling OBA party are aware of how much doubt a large section of the population have in the party's capacity and capability to lead.

For a group whose most significant function this year has been the equivalent of calling a manager's meeting, they seem awfully naive to the realities of what "painful decisions" are.

We get it, they (and this goes for the other political party, too) don't favour polls that show your team in a negative light. We get that they would rather be seen as the group that focuses more on getting things solved. Problem is that the OBA is coming across as doing neither; neither making the voting public happy or encouraged nor making the so-called tough decisions.

Frankly, and the collection of OBA fanatics posting on Bernews and the RG would be in total uproar at this possibility, I agree 100% that if an election was held today, the OBA would not only lose control of government, they'd lose by a significant margin of seats.

It should not have taken nearly a full calendar year to address issues like expanding gambling (that's what it is, not "gaming"), for example.

Get the tough stuff sorted out, and show the people why X, Y, and Z will benefit Bermuda, without coming across as dictatorial (or the other extreme: wishy-washy), and the average swing voter will appreciate it.

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