Keep trying, scammers

Whoever it is that keeps trying to masquerade as a Bermuda bank seeking account verification here, they're a persistent bugger.

Today's one alerts me that my account is listed for suspension (the horror):
"Please be informed that your account has been listed for suspension and may be disabled if you do not activate now. Some errors were discovered in your account. For security reasons, you are now required to have your account activated immediately"
Kindly proceed to activate below.
[Link removed]Yours sincerely,
Capital G
© 2013 Capital G
All 'official-looking', and that. heh. They couldn't even be bothered to copy the company logo into the mail this time around. Getting soft.

All jokes aside, and I'm probably preaching to the choir (or lack thereof) again, these kinds of things are scams, don't click on links in the messages, don't reply to the message originator.

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