Polls, the Unscientific Study

Well, this is interesting. In the wake of what is uncreatively titled as 'JetGate' in Bermuda, the two newspapers put up similarly-themed polls on their website.

Admittedly, the questions aren't identical, and there may be subtle language in one or both of the questions to lead an independent respondent to favour one response or another, but I'm not an analyst. For all intensive purposes, the polls are similar in scope in my opinion to warrant the same kind of result, which they clearly do not (see below):

The Gazette:
RG Poll
The Bda Sun:
Bda Sun Poll
It's pretty amazing that the results of these polls don't match up at all with each other. It also enhances claims that Bermudians may also be divided on which newsmedia they support, and how it may corroborate also with political leanings of each site's viewers.

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