Checked out of political news

Sad to say, everything in Bermuda gets politicized. Terms like 'working together' or 'common goals' are mere rhetoric... specifically the type that only gets utilized in press conferences.

Everything is so freaking divisive, and I think the ruling party is the main instigator of this, as of late. Every single issue that is critical of the ruling party, is met with an attack of some sort, usually outright but sometimes more subtly. Yes, I get it, it's an election year, but all this "resetting the dial" talk has proven to be a load of baloney.

I can't speak for the majority of residents, but I would rather read about solutions and dialogue instead of attacking anybody who disagrees with any particular government policy. That said, my vote is still undecided but leaning towards a tin can. Seriously.


Onion said...

For what it's worth, I'm strongly in support of the OBA.

The PLP have got to go - this latest accusation of patriotism is the ultimate management failure.

Tryangle said...

No problem at all, it's good to hear what other bloggers/contributors support and why, it only helps us all.

Where I'm concerned with regards to the OBA and versus the PLP, is are they a superior choice because they have a superior message, or because they're "not the PLP". I genuinely despise the latter reasoning, and would prefer to vote for a person/party that inspires confidence.

Perhaps the time will come soon where candidates or party representatives (of any political faction) can present their arguments on a personal or group level and encourage me to believe in A or B (or C).

With regard to the ruling party's schtick, it makes it extremely difficult to consider them as an option next election, I admit freely. There are things they have said or done over the years (and the style that they've done it with) which have left me flabbergasted.

Onion said...

I also hate the "they're not the XXX" as a reason for voting for an alternative (although do understand it in US politics where both parties are utterly corrupt).

I tend to look at decision making thinking style as the defining difference because it's that thinking style that will determine the quality of the policy responses. Key principles include:
- Honesty in facing realities
- Taking the advice of experts
- Understanding implications & consequences of actions

The PLP are showing none of these in their decisions and have instead become a purely political organisation that does things on ideological and electoral grounds. Where this is really shaking out is in the budget because mathematics doesn't care what your ideology is.

As for the OBA, they do seem to be really open to feedback from inside and have in fact explicitly created expert advisor panels in their Shadow Boards that provide their expertise in policymaking and so far have been very capable and flexible in understanding problems and creating sensible solutions. I've been impressed so far.

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