Buy Bermuda? No.

Here's the problem. Local businesses and Government want to beat us over the head with the fact that spending money overseas instead of locally will hurt Bermudians.

We get that. It's pretty obvious.

But here's the problem. When I read statements like "Concerned about creating good paying jobs in Bermuda? Buy Bermuda.", here's the thought that comes to my mind:

Why should I be responsible for subsidizing people who think working in a retail position entails sitting at their cash register all day, ignoring customers unless they're practically begging for assistance?

Customer service in many of the places here is a pure joke. I do not want to be subsidizing the salaries of people who think it's more important to chat with their buddies, worry about whatever Rick Dees has on the radio than to lower themselves to greet a prospective customer or ask if there's something they're looking for? And for the record, if Sports Locker goes out of business anytime soon, I sure won't lose any sleep over it.

Local businesses need to adapt - better customer service across the board, flexibility in opening hours (9-5 weekdays? WTH?), advertise via mediums like websites *with prices of items, please* (yep, it's the P-Tech blog post all over again).

Many of us would prefer to spend locally vs overseas, however neither local businesses nor government should be dictating to the public what to do with their hard-earned money.

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