Gang Territory

Kind of disappointed in the ol' "Ord Road Crew"... today I noticed they laid some graffiti in the bus shelters on either side of Middle Road between Keith Hall Road and Belmont golf course. Firstly, didn't know their 'territory' had expanded.

Secondly, why paint up a bus shelter when they had the majestic (sarcasm) and wide (vast) Great Wall of Warwick to work with, not far away? Now *THAT* would send some statements to the public (and the powers that be).

Chalk that up to missed opportunity.


J. Starling said...

I've always thought we've missed an opportunity in better utilising the bus shelters. I always thought they could make for some excellent murals depicting aspects of our cultural and natural history, including some blurbs discussing the murals.

I hate the advertising boards they've put up in some of them. I am all for having bus information and a general map of the area, but I am very much opposed to the crass advertising side of it all.

I still maintain we could also put in some solar-powered lights there to aid with security issues. And some sort of GPS code so people with smart phones or whatnot can track when the next bus will be (apologies if they've implemented that, I've been away for a little while...).

Tryangle said...

I don't know if it was a blog post or other correspondence, but Denis at 21 Square had a great idea to use the bus shelter space for promoting Bermudians of note. Instead, it turned out to be an advertising mecca for BNN and the like. Blech.

At the shelter near Keith Hall Road there does appear to be a small solar panel on the roof, it could be for lighting purposes but I'll have to take a closer look next time I'm there.

And you had read my mind with respect to some way to convey data to passengers - your smart phone idea is great - I always felt it would be very useful in the case that the next bus or ferry was delayed (or on strike).

Tryangle said...

Headsup - the solar panel does appear to provide lighting inside the shelter - FOR THE BIG AD on one side of it.

How funny.