My 2011 Wish List for Bermuda

A tumultuous year both for me personally, and Bermuda as a whole. As of now, if you were to gauge the overall "happiness" of people in Bermuda, I'd bet that the scale would tip substantially into the negative, and there are a number of factors at play, particularly as relating to the economy, jobs, personal safety, education of our young people, politics and sport.

Here's my quick 2011 Wish List:
  1. [Me] Become less apathetic to the goings-on in this country, less resigned to Bermuda's "fate".
  2. [Me] Get the website back on track, including the blog. 53 total posts is the lowest number since 2004, a bad trend.
  3. [Me] Be a better husband, appreciate my wife more and be a better contributor overall.
  4. [Me] Commit to bettering myself, physically and mentally.

  5. [Bermuda] Take personal responsibility for education - mentor a young child if you can, ensure your child excels despite the pitfalls of the education system.
  6. [Bermuda] Drive better, put your damn cell phones away, and ease up on the road rage.
  7. [Bermuda] Be willing to stand up for what's right.
  8. [Bermuda] Be wiser with your money and what you spend it on.

  9. [Politicians] Engage the public, communicate one-to-one, and lay off the b.s.
  10. [The UBP] Walk the walk.
  11. [The PLP] Demonstrate that you're about *all* of Bermuda. Listen to your opponents, don't ridicule them.
  12. [The BDA] Stop fighting for #2. Show Bermuda that you're capable of being the future Government.
  13. [My fellow bloggers] Continue to offer opinions and insight, no matter your political (or other) leanings.
  14. [Our athletes] Enjoy your sport, show a commitment to excellence, if you are representing Bermuda, give the best account that you can.

  15. [Bermuda] Help each other. Be more gracious and understanding. Live the Golden Rule.
Here's to a more happy 2011 for everybody.

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