Respect religion even if it differs from your own

I could be flabbergasted at the selfishness and unawareness of the pastor of that Church that wants to have a "Burn the Koran" day, but it's hard to reason something to a guy and his followers that they're unwilling to listen to.

I get the 'free speech' angle of it, but seriously, *IF* the guy wanted to see Islam stamped out or whatnot, why would he consent if the site for the mosque in Manhattan was moved a few more blocks away from Ground Zero?

Here's the thing. It's totally unnecessary. First off, in the same manner that Christianity is, not all Muslims are out to destroy non-believers. Secondly, if you want to show your desire to honour Septebmer 11th 2001 and bring back Christian values or whatever you're planning, there are TONS of ways that don't involve inflammatory (excuse the pun) gestures like burning books which is considered holy and sacred to members of another faith.

Instead, this pastor went right out and got people's blood boiling all over the world. Way to intensify the tension in dangerous areas like Afghanistan, Mr. Pastor, and potentially inciting violence.

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