Recman gets it

Bermuda's senior men's team have been pretty poor of late. Their results over the past couple of years have been disappointing in all aspects, and in every one of their matches there's at least one area that has shown up to be abysmal (usually the batting effort).

The popular newspaper columnist known as 'Recman' attributes this to the demise of the longer form of the game on the island, a stance I completely agree with.

Bermuda's cricketers have fallen in love with the swash and thump that 20-20 cricket affords them, and on our minuscule grounds, it's a delight for the casual fan to behold. But it does nothing at all for developing sound cricketers.

It's been proposed by many a person in the island that if anything, the domestic season can start with proper 'open' or two-day cricket, followed by your limited overs matches and then you can have your wham-bam cricket at the end of the season. By then, the good habits that are hopefully picked up earlier on can then get applied to playing decent cricket when the shorter form of the game comes around.

Unfortunately, I think the horse has already left the stable, so to speak. Good luck to the national programme.

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