Psycho lady touchy-feely

We're in Lindo's Warwick on the weekend, with our baby in the stroller lying contentedly. The missus and myself are looking at some containers of formula in the aisle, when suddenly there's a long arm reaching in the stroller, stroking my baby's leg!

The hell?

Looking over, there's this giant of a woman lovingly gazing at my baby. She finally sees us glaring at her, and then decides to say, "You don't mind if I touch your baby, do you?"

Now if my wife was in front of me, I'm sure there would be a clear "Hell no, get away" (she's way less tolerant of crap than I am), but I was too stunned to respond. Heck, I was worried she had a knife in her bag and would stab me to steal our child!

It appeared clear that she was a baby stalker, though,... later on she was seen walking up to an unsuspecting parent holding his baby, touching his leg and then later trying to strike up a conversation.

Beware, parents.

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