There's been a big, overblown, hullabaloo over the 'Bermudians-only' IB employees meeting hosted by the Minister of Public Safety, but when I read about there being damn wristbands to identify the attendees, I had to laugh.

Whoops, I guess the Budget's already overrun.

It doesn't get much sillier than that, but in the pettiness that is Bermuda politics, it shouldn't surprise a soul.

Devil Island is on the same wavelength as I am on this topic, while Politics.bm and Vexed offer useful commentary.


Anonymous said...

Dozens of people were just refused entry because the auditorium filled to capacity.

Tryangle said...

21 Square had a great review via his twitter feed, and it looks like it was a worthwhile meeting, just wish it didn't turn into a case of political dick measuring beforehand (as every topic in Bermuda ends up being).