I was surprised to find out that a poll indicated a large majority of residents were in favour of mandatory recycling.

Considering how callous many residents are with their trash, recyclable or not, in how they dispose of it when in town, on the road or at the beach or sporting events, and that you're always going to see discarded bottles at bus stops or just in the bushes, it's surprising news.

The question is now, are the steps in place to encourage and actually get residents to dispose of recyclables (as well as regular litter) correctly? There have been steps taken towards this in 2009, I see more bins designated for recyclables next to trash bins in town and other places, and I suppose KBB have other ideas and initiatives that they'd like to implement.


Phil Ray said...

Just a side thought... I was in Masters Christmas Eve. Up in Housewares they have a line of really neat looking trash cans. One even has a separate compartment for recyclables.

The price... only $400.

For a trash can.

Tryangle said...

Hmph. Isn't that something? $400 for a trash can.

Not worth it at all.