Supporting football

Kyle Lightbourne is absolutely correct. The Bermuda Hogges aren't going to get the local support that a professional team needs to thrive. Local clubs get more fan support by a mile, and while people will flock to get an Arsenal or Liverpool jersey, for instance, you're not going to see many people wearing Bermuda Hogges jerseys.

Despite the best efforts of the guys behind the Hogges outfit as well as the Island Soccer League, it's looking like a futile effort to take the quality of football to a higher level. Best they can hope for is getting the top individual talents noticed to the point where they may be able to sign for a higher-level league squad overseas and make the national programme a more cohesive and promising unit.

That's just how it is. Football may be a national sport, but domestic success is the limit for the island. Government should allocate funding to the BFA accordingly in future.

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