Lane marker busted up again

There's a two-foot high lane marker on Burnaby Street where it intersects with Church Street and Cedar Avenue. When it was decided to make that part of Burnaby a two-lane road, they erected it so that traffic would take the left lane when turning into it from Church Street and not the right lane.

However, every now and then somebody fails to negotiate their way around the lane marker and end up striking it. Luckily for them, the marker is made from plastic and not something less forgiving such as steel or concrete. Friday night, this fella drove his car right over the marker, shattering it and spreading debris all over the place. Later on, the mangled marker was back in its original position but the evidence of the smash was all over the road.

Since the lane marker appears to be a necessary fixture on this road (people love to cut corners), perhaps they should have a concrete one instead. Again, drivers would be more cautious if the obstacle in their path is more likely to damage their vehicle rather than serve as a minor hinderance...

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