Red light = prepare to go?

Last weekend, Corporation of Hamilton made a move to remove the status of flashing amber from some of its traffic lights, and revert to the red-red/amber-green progression for sitting traffic. Not sure why (a) this was done so quickly, and (b) why more notice and information was given to the public. Heck, I couldn't even find the archived article on either of the Big 2 news sites. It sure isn't on cityhall.bm.

What does that mean for motorists? Only that now after pedestrians have crossed, motorists (particularly the bikes) zoom through instead of waiting for the red-amber status. That's right. Before the amber even shows up.

Brilliant, make the changes, without posting signage or enlisting police officers to at least ensure people aren't completely confused or decide to take matters into their own hands.


Anonymous said...

That flashing amber light was ANNOYING! And even though I'm not in Bermuda anymore, I'm glad it's been taken off.

Tryangle said...

I actually think it was silly to put in the flashing amber in the fisrt place; I think that the powers that be wanted to try to keep traffic flowing better; of course if there was less traffic in the first place, more parking, etc, it wouldn't have come to that.

CoH overall, has done too many things without any foresight. Like the planters in the middle of parking bays? That went down well.