Stop spamming me, Digihell

Today I got this SMS message on my mobile phone:

"Text the letters VIP to 5307 to enter the draw to win tickets to the Bermuda Music Festival. All text entries cost $1. Tickets given away weekly! Digicel"

Well the bright side is that at least I didn't get a phone call from them. However I think I want to check my Terms of Agreement with them to see if I'm liable to receive regular spam from the company that's not a service notification. At least I haven't received a Netherlands Mobile Promo scam recently.

I'm not fond of raffles in the first place, so I'll let them earn their money from everybody else. They can use the cash they get from those who do participate, to improve their service or something.

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Anonymous said...

DigiHELL? haha I get texts like these on a regular basis here in Cayman and I'd totally text them back, if only it didn't cost a whole BUCK!