About driving in Bermuda

There was a Letter to the Editor in the Gazette recently where the contributor seemed to take offense to a previous letter because that particular author was British. She then followed up with two strange statements:
"This must be attributed to too many unfamiliar persons driving on our little roads when they are only supposed to be riding bikes"
Well, we simply have a bunch of poor drivers, both car and bike. You can tell by all those who can't keep on their side of the road. However, once you pass that TCD exam you're free to get in your big SUV and drive along the centre line as much as you like, no skill required.
"Could it be that the persons operating these vehicles doing unusual things are other foreigners who are non-knowledgeable and causing so much stress to the Bermudians who knows when the bends are coming up and who are familiar with our laws of the road?"
That last one was the biggest crock of bull I've read in some time. This insinuates that it's the foreigners who are the dangerous drivers while the Bermudians are safe and sound?

The blame for the people running red lights without a care, turning into side streets without using indicators prior, failure to understand that pedestrians have the right of way at a zebra crossing, goes all around. If anything, Bermudians' despicable driving habits may be rubbing off on everyone else who comes here.

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Spykid said...

Hey DAG, talk about bad drivers, check out the car that went over the cliff in Southampton on primetarget.org