Bring on the canvassing!

In an interesting development, while trying to repair a clothesline malfunction this evening, I was visited by representatives of the governing PLP party. And yes, my first thought was, 'oh crap I don't need any Jehovah's Witnesses bugging me now'. I'm sorry.

Anyway they introduced themselves, I got the old "I know your dad" speech (Bermuda is too, too tiny, heh), then they asked me about any issues that concerned me. Now, the big news headlines are the allegations of corruption and race issues, but I bypassed them quickly and offered my concerns about housing for Bermudians and the problems with traffic, road rage and fatalities.

They pointed out the telecast of Government's housing initiatives, a broadcast that I unfortunately missed due to work commitments at the time, which included the rent-geared-to-income scheme that I read about in the Gazette not long ago. I asked if there was an available transcript or if the show would be repeated. They said they'd investigate that, and I appreciate that.

Regarding the road, they were in agreement with my concerns about the high fatality rate and other traffic issues. They gave satisfactory answers to my questions, and mentioned that certain items such as licensing of vehicles required some changes in the Motor Traffic Act and other laws. We all agreed that those laws needed an overhaul as they hadn't been touched in great scope since 1947 when it was launched. They also mentioned that they were considering the implementation of a tax on vehicles entering the City and the possibility of changing how traffic flows (for example: making Church Street two-way), something that of course requires tons of study and thought.

Overall I'm glad to have had a chance to air my thoughts with a politician as in previous years I either did not meet them or was not home when they passed through. I appreciate the hard work (and tons of research) that these potential candidates must go through to achieve their goal of being a representative in Parliament.

Hopefully I'll get to hear more from prospective candidates over the next few weeks (or months).

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