The January Report

Well the disturbing news arose from what I thought was a chest infection or maybe even pneumonia or something that I picked up nearly two weeks ago; my doctor theorized that I may have adult asthma. Just peachy. But I'd have myself to blame, maybe. My bedroom tends to accumulate dust and I haven't aerated the place in a long time. If it is indeed that, then maybe that would also explain why sometimes when I do something very physical (like playing flag football) after the first couple of minutes I lose my breath and have to get that 'second wind' quickly.

It's like over the last six months my own mortality has been exposed. First the eye issues now this. So much for thinking that I was immune to anything more intense than the common cold.

People like this guy irk me when they discuss their building executive townhouses as being beneficial to Bermuda with quotes like "It relieves pressure on the Bermudian housing market".

Hmph. Pressure could be more greatly reduced by instead constructing regular one and two-bedroom apartments, so don't try to kid us. It's more profitable to build the townhouses and charge their higher rents to the big-ups so don't feed us B.S. Don't pretend to be charitable when you're only trying to maximize your returns.

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