You'd think there was a blogging crisis

After reading another Gazette 'oh no blogging in Bermuda is in crisis' article, I'm absolutely befuddled by what the Gazette's trying to accomplish here.

As of now, only Limey is gone for sure. 21 Square (whose author is serving in the Regiment anyway and was always likely to take things light on the blogging end) still exists. Politics.bm likely isn't going anywhere. Now, if the Gazette wants to use the in-hiatus BravoZulu.bm and Imho.bm (which were the blogs they profiled way back when, anyway) as proof maybe they'd have something. But that would be naive at best.

The Bermuda online community is more crowded than ever! We have Catch-A-Fire, Vexed Bermoothes, New Onion, still active. On top of that there are more new blogs on the scene - they'll be noticed by everyone shortly. And then you have the forums of BIAW and BermudaSucks. Progressive Minds is also back after a few weeks 'off'.

Then again, if the Gazette would take the time to actually scan the web instead of proselytizing or whatever they're trying, they may learn that there's still a lot of discourse in the blogosphere.

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spykid said...

Hey, lay off the RG! Why, they're a model of efficency, constantly demonstrating fair and unbiased reporting, getting to the heart of every issue, uncovering the scandal and corruption that plague our society and fostering an environment where truth and justice reigns for all citizens of Bermuda!!
...Ok all I needed was some patriotic music and all of that would sound pretty convincing huh?