I want to believe in the crackdown, but...

Recently it was announced first on the TV news and then in the following day's newspapers, that the Police was mounting Operation Safer Streets, which is supposed to have the purpose of restoring public confidence in our law enforcement officials. Frankly, they have a very long way to go, but to be expected.

I think that for once, there seems to be some sincerity in the goals of the Police to accomplish this. First, the elections are over, and this won't be derided as a Government-sponsored tactic to appear as if the PLP is soft on crime, etc. Secondly, and this relates to the first point, now that the election is over a lot of the necessary-but-unpopular tactics such as arresting people and fining offenders can be accomplished.

So as of now, we apparently have batches of cops dispersed at Camp Hill, St. Monica's Road, Deepdale Road and other areas at uncertain times of day, to eye up things. We also have groups of cops gathered along East Broadway to check people for illegal tint or expired licenses. How long will that run for? No idea. What I do know is that there aren't any officers walking around town, monitoring people driving through red lights and flicking trash out their windows.

Meanwhile, there are a few parents who think that the emphasis should be moreso on the extremely serious crimes.

I think it can all be accomplished, but it may take even more unpopular stances to be taken. We'll see where things lie say two months from now.

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